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A site visit and consultation at your home or business​

HINT; To get a quick overview, just string together the bold sentences.

Harvesting the free abundant power of the sun begins with a visit to your home by one of the highly experienced New Hampshire Solar consultants. We need to gather some information on the physical dimensions of your home or business to prepare a quote for you but even more importantly, we want to get to know you and learn of your specific needs. The lasting relationships we develop with our clients is one of the most compelling reasons to be in the solar business.

Please figure on an hour for this visit for there is much for both of us to learn.  During that time ask all the questions you want, we are happy to answer them!  It is our genuine wish that you will feel fully comfortable and confident in the information we will provide to you. Our goal is that when we leave to prepare your proposal, you will have become a well educated solar enthusiast.  As was stated on the Home page, NH Solar doesn’t wish to sell you a solar electricity system, but we do want to be sure that you are fully understand of all the advantages  …and then you will sell yourself!   :-)

The first step is to figure out with you which might be the the best system for your site and needs. To do this your New Hampshire Solar consultant will walk about your property with you and discuss all of the possibilities and address any potential concerns. Generally one particular type of array becomes quickly apparent and we will fully explain why to you. If there are other viable options to consider, we will fully discuss them with you as well.

There are only a few items that we need to examine for our evaluation; the age and condition of your roofing, your outside service entrance, the inside electrical panel, and a clear access to the inside of your roof to measure and examine the rafters (roof mount only).

We will also need to take a photograph of a complete recent utility bill. This gives us the figures we need to accurately determine your annual kWh consumption.   Finally we will accurately measurement any of any of your home or business’s pertinent physical features (roof dimensions, slope, length of wiring runs, etc).

Within just a few days after the site visit you will receive a detailed proposal from your New Hampshire Solar consultant.  Take your time to look over our proposal carefully and contact your consultant as soon as it is convenient for you. There will no doubt be many questions on your part and we welcome them all.  Again, our goal is to assist you to become a well educated and enthusiastic solar power consumer.

New Hampshire Solar suggests that you get quotes from other solar installers as well. We are enthusiastic about solar power, confident in our expertise, and proud of our business practices. We install every system as if it were our own!
If you have received a quote from another solar installer we would welcome the opportunity to match or beat that quote.

When you are fully satisfied and ready to contract your solar installation, your NH Solar consultant will again visit you at your home to fulfill any contract and financing arrangements. We offer financing through multiple companies and are happy to work through applications with you, they are actually very quick and easy to do!  The most popular financing product we offer allows you to purchase your solar power system with no upfront cost, and a low interest monthly payment that will be just about the same that you are currently spending on your utility bill.

We pull all necessary permits, fill out all needed applications, and file any needed official forms for you. At the time of initial contract will will have them ready for your examination and signature.

Once New Hampshire Solar has been given the go ahead by the NH PUC, your town, and the utility company, we will schedule the actual install with you.  A few weeks after that, you new turn key solar system will be live and you will be able to begin harvesting the free and abundant power of the sun!

Solar Electricity… good for your home, good for your business, and good for the planet!​